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We offer a range of services that all aim at finding the solution to your learning setbacks. We're a clinic where you can find out if you or your child is dyslexic or suffers from Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity (light sensitiity or visual-perception distortions). We also use assesment to determine literacy levels and work out programs for improvement. 

We offer a safe place to not only find answers, but to find solutions and treatment. 

Irlen Syndrome (also referred to at times as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Visual Stress/Visual Processing Disorder) is a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. This problem tends to run in families and is not currently identified by other standardized educational or medical tests. ​Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder caused by the brain's inability to process specific wavelengths of light.
It manifests differently for each person but can affect these key areas: 
  • Academic and work performance

  • Behavior

  • Attention

  • Ability to sit still

  • Concentration

Irlen Consultation is possible with 5-year-olds if verbal skills are good. Many adults also come for Irlen consultations as there is no upper age limit! Come and see me and be set free from visual stresses that are holding you back.
To find out more download our guide to Irlen Syndrome or get in touch with us to book an appointment.


What is

Dyslexia comes from a Greek work that simply means to have trouble with words.
Individuals with dyslexia have trouble with reading and spelling despite having the ability to learn. Individuals with dyslexia can learn, they just learn in a different way. Often these individuals, who have talented and productive minds, are said to have a language learning difference.
Dyslexia looks different for every person, however, some key indicators are:
  • Problems learning the letter sounds for reading and spelling

  • Difficulty in reading single words, such as on flashcards and in lists

  • Lack of accuracy and fluency when attempting to read

  • Reading slowly with many mistakes

  • Poor spelling

  • Left/right confusion or appearance of ambidexterity

  • Reversals e.g. b/d: m/w; 41/14; was/saw

  • Difficulty memorising days of the week or months in forward and reverse order

  • Difficulty telling time on an analogue clock

  • Difficulty with sequences e.g. instructions, procedures, number facts

  • Difficulties with handwriting.

To find out more get in touch with us to book an appointment or have a chat.


What is

Cellfield is a revolutionary reading program designed to create neural connections in the brain that are responsible for proper reading including comprehension and will enhance major sensory functions critical to reading.
On average, Cellfield increases reading skills by one to two years in just 26 days. No other program exists that can show the same consistent results of such a short period of time. 
The Cellfield program is unique in that it targets auditory and visual processing and is the only technology that bonds auditory to visual pathways, which allows the struggling reader’s brain to function more like a typical reader.
If you would like to know more, or think this could benefit you or your child please get in touch with us today. Alternatively you can download the brochure below or read more directly from the Cellfield website.


What is



What is

We have tutoring available for both primary and secondary students, as well as training for adults. We offer both in-person tutoring, as well as online facilities. 
If you would like to know more or book an appointment follow the links below.
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