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Flynn's Story

Flynn Phelan was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome a form of visual dyslexia at seven years of age. He appears confident, articulate and looks great wearing a light grey pair of designer Irlen glasses that could be mistaken for sunglasses.

Flynn noticed that before he received his glasses it was really hard to read and everything was a massive struggle; he found that the words were swirling around on the page and he could only read the one word he was focusing upon. Thanks to his Irlen precision lenses Flynn found that his grades improved and went from achieving C minuses to now achieving high B’s and low A’s. He has noticed a huge improvement across all subjects.

Flynn is a keen sportsman and is a Queensland State representative in water-polo. He believes that his Irlen lenses have contributed to him gaining success in all areas of his life, building his self- esteem and confidence.

Learning difficulties affect a huge percentage of the population and often students are not diagnosed due to the development of coping strategies to fit in with peers. Visual Dyslexia, also known as Irlen Syndrome affects at least between 14% of the population (46% of people with reading difficulties).

For those teenagers out there who may struggle with the idea of wearing Irlen lenses, Flynn says ‘just rock it,’ if it helps you to learn.

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