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Jess' Story

Jess overcomes reading difficulties and mumbling for her final years of high school. 

Macushla Interviewed Jess, a senior high-school student wearing a lovely pair of light grey Irlen lenses that help her to see the world clearly.

Jess, a keen student shares her story about how Irlen lenses helped her to feel more confident so she didn’t need to mumble, reduced the glare and cleared the blurriness from print, helping her with her reading and academic achievements.

Jess struggled with reading difficulties and found that words were missing in sentences, that reading out aloud was embarrassing and that she was mumbling a lot until she came along to be screened by Robyn O’Connor of Edgeucation in Rockhampton and was diagnosed in Sept last year with Irlen Syndrome, a visual processing disorder that is prevalent in at least 14% of the population. It is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as ADD/HD or some other issue, even laziness.

Jess initially took her new Irlen Dyslexia Glasses for granted and noticed just how much she missed the difference they make to her reading, and learning, after losing them for a whole school term! Jess says that things are much clearer whilst wearing her Irlen precision lenses and the white background was not so distracting making it much easier to read.

People experience many different symptoms, like light sensitivity, migraine, headaches, poor concentration and more, Jess mainly noticed that her Irlen filters helped with reading, reading out aloud and a reduction in mumbling, improving her overall confidence. Irlen syndrome is more common than most people realise and can be hereditary.

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