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Ben's Story

EdgeUCATION provides dyslexia assessments and treatment solutions for those struggling with visual dyslexia, visual processing disorder, migraines, headaches, learning difficulties and, light sensitivity otherwise known as Irlen Syndrome. If your child is struggling at school, Edgeucation can certainly help them achieve improved results with greater self-esteem.

Macushla Montell, an Irlen advocate, Interviews Joanne (Mother) and Ben (Son) at Edgeucation Rockhampton on how Irlen lenses, and working with the team at Edgeucation, have helped Ben to achieve better results with his schooling.

Joanne noticed that in year one, year two that Ben was having trouble learning. Ben tried speech therapy, tutoring etc and noticed not much difference, which was quite concerning. A good friend recommended Irlen lenses and Joanne and Ben arranged a screening with Robyn O’Connor at Edgeucation and have not looked back. Ben went through the screening and diagnostic process with Robyn and was successfully diagnosed with Irlen lenses. Ben now has a lovely grey pair of Irlen glasses. Joanne and Ben are both very pleased with the improvement in Ben’s ability to read and see the world more clearly.

If you think you or a loved one is struggling with reading difficulties, headaches, migraines or visual dyslexia, Irlen spectral filters may help.

Take the Irlen Quiz or book your appointment today!

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